A Case of Collaboration: Faculty Experiences within a Multidisciplinary, Multimedia, Multi-campus Learning Community in an Urban Community College District


This case study examines the experience of community college faculty participating within aspecific learning community of students, teachers, and broadcasters charged with theresponsibility to create common coursework and a town hall meeting on the issue of stem cellresearch. Videotaped data sources include learning community meetings, classroom sessions,the town hall event, interviews with participants, and group reflective discussions. Implicationsand opportunities for replicating this collaborative learning community experience arediscussed. The case description and findings are presented through a Webtext withembedded video. As all data were videotaped, it became possible to present researchfindings through a unique new media approach to multimodal scholarship. This formathonors the thick, rich, first person descriptions given by the faculty participants. It providesa showcase for the participants’ own words expressed in their own way and empowers thereader/viewer of these findings to extrapolate their own interpretative meaning.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1234/mr.v6i2.135